"The Changing Lanes Foundation Inc. Team wishes to thank everyone who made donations to support those we serve.


Thank you also to our partnering charities for their financial contributions to help our young mothers, who is battling breast cancer and  unable to work at this time.

We solicit your gifts and in-kind donations to help us provide immediate assistance to our clients. Many programs take 3-12 weeks to approve funding, yet many of our clients (Breast Cancer patients) are in dire need of financial assistance right now.


As of June, 2020, we have several new clients in need of financial assistance. We need your support. DONATE Today!

You may DONATE in a loved one's honor, on behalf of yourself, or your business. We accept Checks, Money Orders, Cash, PayPal, Credit Cards and CashApp @($changinglanesfunds). We are also willing to pick up donations on a limited basis. Please contact us for details.


We look forward to working with you to improve the quality of life for those who are facing the challenges of Breast Cancer."


Deborah Ann Jenkins, MPA, MHRM
Changing Lane's Foundation, Inc.



Breast Cancer!

At Changing Lane's Foundation Inc., we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve the people who need it most. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about the most pressing issues of today’s society. Please join us by supporting our effective programs and policies that are bound to make a measurable difference in the lives of Breast Cancer Patients/Survivors.

Funding Resources

Cancer Community  
One At A Time 

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need all over the country, especially families with financial needs and are at risk of losing their homes.





Changing Lanes is

    Changing Lives......

2019/2020 DONOR'S

Haniff Bacca's,Lawrenceville, GA

Anisa Palmer - Doraville, GA

Camille Hart-NY

Nesie Cooper-FL

Ev. Thomas-Ga

Angela Byam-Ga

Deidre Mosely-MD

Dr. Craig & Sandy Heigerick-Ga

Emilia Valderemma

Bernard Grant

Brenda Young

Troy Grant

Curtis & Ann Grant

Frida Ebini-Ga

Urana Cush-Md

Lauren Dike-Ga

Regenia Wright-Tx 

Angela Kidd

Debra Watkins

Deacon Frank

Patricia Anderson

Tina& Howard Truman

Mya Deonarine

Tara Buehler

Carl Toole

Camille Hart

Gwen Smalls

Lorrie Grant

Gwen Morris-Al

Bernard Jenkins-SC

Jewell Thompson-NY.

Veda Richey Orr

Milagros Rodriquez

Candace Ellis & Family-Loganville, GA

Dalia Bullock Allen-Atlanta, GA

Lyrehc Imara-Houston, TX

Stephanie Harris-Mt. Vernon, NY

Michael Williams-Brooklyn, NY

Denise Cooper-Jacksonville, FL

Bevan Platas- Duluth, GA

Towanda Gilmore- Duluth, GA

Vanessa Radcliffe- Duluth, GA

Rochelle Goree Hall

Mya Foss Jagroo - Loganville. GA

Talana Williams - Chicago, IL

Angela Owens-Byam - Tucker, GA

Maurio Jenkins - Mableton, GA

We want to thank YOU for the financial contributions to CLFin support of our Breast Cancer  Patients/Survivors.

We want to give SPECIAL thanks to the Grand Hyatt,  New York employees for another year of their financial contributions.

Charles Willey

Leandro Repossi

Victor Avima 

Evone Ingram

Jessel Santiago

Claudine Setera

Randel Rose 

Sherman Lewis

Mitchell Jones-Nelson

Franic Bryan

Carlos DutanConrod HallEligio MothDonavan

Jeff Prescott

Betty Nee

Javior Orozco

Leon Huerta

Blaine Lyles
Isiah Morris
Michael Jenkins
Deloris Jenkins
Andrea Clarke
Zahid Khan
Isaiah Caston 

Anthony Rinialdi

Robinson Yrizanry

Dana Whittle

PinnockPablo RogersFernando AntaranDalton ScottMaud RiosCharlotte

Giovanni Gomez

Pablo Rogers

Tibro Nagy

Jonathan Rodriquez 
Simon Karamanilian

Ravi Verma 
Semone Boller 

Mayra Polacios 
Rosa Molina 

Glyen Walters
Eddie Gome
Jacquas Dorce
Bobby Carroll 
Luis Irizarry
Kevin Draper 
Rebecca Scofield
Ania Hartley

Richard Brown

Remigio Perez

Luisito Fajardo

Petrit Kursani 
Amos Campbell
Alvin Mendoza 
Amalia Hubbard
Nelson Torres
Harry Koulouris
Paul Yellamaty

Hoang Nguyen

Michael Byczek

Patty Kam

Lan Rivera

Agur Michel

Ursula Hernandes

Philiana Lima

Conrod Hall

Eligio Moth

Nisa John   

Sonny Brooks
Jacinto Placencia
Theresa Vandianos
Nian Robinson
Beniamin Morales Jr.
Crystal Martinez
Clinton Doorman
David Ruiz
Olga Sampedro
Ashley WorrellWayne Blanks
Delgado Luis
Brooks Jack
Shanella Quashie

Charlotte Pittman

Gus Caballero

James Duffy
Vito Lasorouagr
|Alton Willson
Ray Dominquez  
Winsome Barrett
Raphael Hemenes
Tibro Nagy

Betty Nee
Javior Orozco
Jeff Prescott
Leon Huerta
Beata Dabowska

Angel Cajashidalgo 

Carlos Dutan
Donavan Pinnock
Fernando Antaran

Gus Caballero

James Duffy
Vito Lasorouagr
|Alton Willson
Ray Dominquez  
Winsome Barrett
Raphael Hemenes
Michael Worrell, Jr.

PittmanGiovanni Gomez
Charles Montaibano
Beata Dabowska

Angel Cajashidalgo

Dalton ScottMaud Rios 

Michael Worrell, Jr.Charles Montaibano

Ziaur Chowdhurry

Mustafizur Rahman 


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