Karen Bohorquez Ayala, is mother to a beautiful daughter who is the universe for her.
As a journalist she worked in the press, radio and television for eight years between Bogota (Colombia), her country of origin and Atlanta, the city where she currently resides.
During the journey of her life, a stop led her to obtain her first crown, when she was receiving treatment for breast cancer and proudly won Miss Paint Gwinnett Pink 2016, which was the result and thanks to "The Fabulous Family" who took care of her during the process.
Karen is working as a Patient Advocate, a job she enjoys tremondously  which allows her to be passionate about her favorite word that she loves the most "HELP". Additionally, with the support of her coworkers and friends, she also participated in MISS CANCER WARRIOR PAGEANT (MCW) 2019 pageant and as a result, she placed  2nd runner up along with the award for  the People's Choice Award.
Since 2017 Karen has been involved and passionate working with Changing Lane's Foundation, and it is there that her love for volunteering expresses a shinning light on her greatest potential.


Consequently, in 2019 Karen took over as Executive Director for Changing Lane’s Foundation.as she realized how important it was that she continues to "Live with dignity from a disease that can destroy everything you create during your lifetime, as I now live it with a deeper understanding while on my personal journey with Changing lanes.  I now have a greater opportunity to educate and help patients and families cope with this disease with dignity and love."