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Play Your Part To Make A Cancer-Free World With Changing Lanes Foundation (CLF), Inc.!

Breast cancer is the most feared disease amongst ladies, yet most women don’t know much about it.

If you or someone in your family struggles with cancer, we are here to help you. Being the best and most reputed breast cancer awareness foundation, Changing Lanes Foundation (CLF), Inc. aims to increase awareness and reduce the humiliation linked to the symptoms and treatment of breast cancer.

We believe that more people can become conversant about the diseases by providing education about the physiognomies of breast cancer to the general public. We always strive to improve treatment outcomes for the affected women with earlier detection and better treatment methods.

Beat Cancer With the Best Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation!

Changing Lanes Foundation (CLF), Inc. is a type of health advocacy that raises funds and organizes breast cancer awareness programs for better care, deeper knowledge, and empowerment for women with breast cancer. We always focus on increasing awareness of breast cancer detection and treatment.

With the help of a domestic nonprofit foundation, there has been a significant increase in the number of breast cancer cases detected and women requiring treatment. Overall, breast cancer cases are now being treated earlier than hitherto done, at a stage when the cancer is more curable.

Early Detection of Breast Cancer

“Awareness is a power, and the domestic nonprofit foundation is here to give you this power!”

Early detection makes it possible to initiate treatments for the disease before the cancerous growth has spread and become a serious issue. For this reason, one of the core aims of the breast cancer awareness foundation is to encourage screening for breast cancer for women.

Cancer is a global disease and is spreading quickly. In cancer control, screening is an important preventive measure. Awareness about cancers and cancer screening processes will help in early diagnosis and subsequent treatment and a better outcome.

“Get proper support when you need it!”

We are going to help cancer patients. But we cannot do it without you. So, play your part with the breast cancer awareness foundation.

Funding for Research

Raising funds is another core aspect of breast cancer awareness programs. It is expected that advanced knowledge about breast cancer could lead to discovering a more reliable and permanent cure than what is currently available. There are myriad ways you can play your part in supporting cancer patients. From raising money to pledging a gift in your will, volunteering, or donating, you can support the research to help beat cancer.

"Because cancer can affect life in so many ways, we do whatever it takes to give people the support they need."

Welcome to the Changing Lanes Foundation (CLF), Inc.!

The Changing Lanes Foundation (CLF), Inc. is a domestic nonprofit foundation that works to reduce the suffering of people affected by cancer. We try our best to reduce the pain and suffering of cancer patients and their families.

We are mainly engaged in the following roles:

  • Helping cancer patients

  • Delivering home-based care

  • Developing awareness about cancer

  • Encouraging studies & research into cancer

Just give your support to the breast cancer awareness foundation. Your donation provides home-based care for cancer patients and gives their kids a better future.

We could help cancer patients because you are helping us. Your donation helps cancer patients receive medicines, proper treatment, and food.

“It is just a phase … keep going with the breast cancer awareness foundation!”

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