Supporting our community


The Changing Lane's Foundation carries out activities that allow clients/patient / survivor and caregiver to have a moment of relaxation, relief that will help them cope and understand the changes that they will face before, during and after treatment. The changes that the survivor faces is different for each individual on their new journey to health and wellness.

We have various programs to meet different needs from events such as Dance Into the New You, Cancer on Call, Caretaker Day  and other activities that you can find on our calendar.

Mission Statement

​We strive to do it all here at Changing Lane's Foundation, Inc. Our Nonprofit Organization provides a dynamic work environment where we serve the Breast Cancer community as navigators for Patients/Survivor's, Families and Caretakers providing varying degrees of assistance from onset of diagnosis to the first year of recovery, celebrating survivorship, Renewed Health, and Wellness options, Support Groups referrals, Financial Assistance, Job referrals, Work, life, balance, training for re-entry into workforce. 


We provide a team of experienced Volunteers/Researchers/Youth Interns well versed in technology, great social skills, compassionate, kind, smart, attentive  with year(s) of experience working closely with patients survivors/family (s) from all demographics, providing assistance  through the tumultuous layers of applications required when seeking financial resources from charities/foundations, meeting deadlines. We provide prepared meals for families, grocery (special circumstances) through our partner restaurants.


Learn about our exciting initiatives, and what we are working on monthly in order to promote our new changes in 2020-2021 with the implementation of our recent strategic management processes for improving efficiency, goal setting analysis, strategy implementation, strategy monitoring, maintaining discipline, and organization aligning with our long term goals for success and profitability. Changing Lane's Foundation, Inc incorporated the successful Our Village- Our Community II mobile program (January 2019) providing meals delivered via our Pink Mobile for CLF Patients and Caretakers from our in-kind partners. 



Changing Lane's Foundation supports clients with financial assistance with rent/mortgage, and utilities. We are adding new programs for the 2021 year.




Changing Lane's Foundation donates food in our treasure basket, by partnering with various restaurants in the Gwinnett County area. 



Changing Lane's Foundation has a array of donated new clothing for clients in transient to work/school or weight changes from various treatments and health issues. 

We are aware of the physical changes that  clients/patient experience causing an array of additional expenses that can/may cause financial difficulty in the future.



Changing Lane's Foundation provides information from various resources that can help facilitate  clients/patients on their journey to survivorship leading to a better quality of life.