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​Here at Changing Lane's Foundation Inc., we are committed to a single goal; we strive to make the country a better place. Explore our website to learn more about all that we’re doing to make a change. We are a 501 (C)3 domestic non-profit organization dedicated to incorporating our grassroots village & community to help Breast Cancer patients/survivors's/caretakers in need overcome challenges, embrace victories while developing interpersonal and meaningful relationships outside their normal boundaries.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Breast Cancer remains the most frequent cancer that causes the greatest number of cancer-related death among women, impacting 2.1 million women each year. In 2018, 15% of women died from cancer, estimating 627,000 women died from Breast Cancer, regardless, of the fact, the rates are higher for women in more developed regions and continue to increase in every region globally.

The World Health Organization (WHO)

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women, regardless of race and ethnicity, the most cause of death among Hispanic women as well as the second common cause of cancer death among white, African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, American Indian and Alaska Native women.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

American Cancer Society (ACS)

American Cancer Society (ACS) statistics 2017-2018 most recent publication stipulates the highest breast cancer incidence rates are highest in non-Hispanic white women, whereas, breast cancer death rates remain the highest in African American women.

Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2017-2018 is accompanied by “Breast Cancer Statistics, 2017,” a scientific paper published in the American Cancer Society journal, CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.  


  United States Cancer Statistics includes 100% of the U.S. Population 



  Cancer rates by U.S. States




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