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March 2017

The Changing Lanes family has been a huge support to my family. They have went above and beyond helping us find financial resources, food, outside activities with other patients and survivor's on the same or similar walk.

Thank you to the team at Changing Lane's for all you do in the community.

Jane & Joe Jones

March, 24, 2017

Debbie and Alison,

I can't say thank you enough for all that you've done for my family and I today. My meeting you was not by chance; truly believe that the Lord had a plan.

Love you both..... many blessings to you.

Love, Kerri Milton Garcia


I cannot begin to explain the excitement of my most recent news, I am so happy. I just got a call from one of the charities you applied for funding from for me and my family and they are paying my rent and utilities this month. Thank you so much, I am literally crying at the news.

You all are awesome!

Jamie Kolev & Girls

Lawrenceville, GA


Changing Lanes' 2nd family to receive an all expense paid vacation to Disney World ... Congrats to the Glaze Family!!!

I was first introduced to Changing Lane's Foundation to help me with cleaning my home. I would have never guessed that they are angels. Since my initial meeting they have qualified myself and my son for a trip to Disney World, assisted with financial support, and more importantly, provided emotional support. Thank God for Changing Lane's Foundation; in three short months, they have definitely changed my lane.

Ayanna & Miles


"I am so excited to have gotten acquainted with the Changing Lanes Foundation", because in just a few short days your compassion has opened up opportunities that me and my girls desperately needed! We came to you very scared and worried about our financial situation and you all provided us with food while you worked tirelessly negotiating with other charities and asking for donation' s until we got what we needed. Changing Lane's has truly changed our lives and the way we embrace life! As a cancer patient, I was certain of what the future held for us, but I can confidently attest that your support has made our future brighter..

Thank you, Changing Lanes Foundation from the bottom of our hearts ... my girls love you Deb!

Jamie & Family

May 19, 2017

Dear Debra,

I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have met you. You are working so hard to help me and my girls. I just met you a few weeks ago and you have helped me with an immediate financial need already. I informed you last night and you took care of it this morning. Not being able to work makes it hard to think about healing when I have bills to pay and kid to take care of. You constantly tell me to DE-STRESS, well your help has made it a little easier to do so. You genuinely care about the needs of my family and constantly reminds me to just focus on healing. Thank you for caring so much, thank you for working so hard, you are truly appreciated. 

Pearleen Trotty

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