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“Never Give Up. Live Your Life On Your Terms, Not Cancer’s!”

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

For the past epoch, the increase in breast cancer awareness and support has been amazing. Since more people are becoming attentive to the disease, more tumors are diagnosed early, resulting in early treatment. Apart from government efforts, this positive development can be accredited to Breast Cancer Support Associations and their efforts to prevent deaths caused by breast cancer.

Going through the sadness of breast cancer and the tiredness related to its treatment can easily make you give up hope. You feel alone even in the company of your family because they will treat you like a delicate object sometimes. What you really need is some understanding about cancer, which we can give you.

Breast cancer associations, like Changing Lanes Foundation (CLF), Inc., focus on all these points, including research, education, legislative advocacy, and public service. We are a 501(c)3 Domestic Non-profit foundation committed to supporting our communities. We know exactly how you feel and what you need. We give you valuable information on your cancer and medication because we have combined experience with research.

“American Breast Cancer Support Association is Available 24/7/365!” You are not alone. Changing Lanes Foundation (CLF), Inc. is here to help you!

We are the best American Breast Cancer Support Association that offers free support to cancer patients, survivors, and caretakers to overcome challenges.

Treatment Assistance

Don’t let financial destitution keep you from getting the treatment you need. Changing Lanes Foundation (CLF), Inc. is here to help so you can focus on your care.

Breast Cancer Answers

We provide you with the relevant information on breast cancer risk factors, screening, diagnosis, treatment, metastatic breast cancer, survivorship, and much more. We are here to help!

"Breast Cancer Support Association of America - Changing Lanes Foundation (CLF), Inc.”

Founded in 2017, Changing Lanes Foundation (CLF), Inc. inspires action, serves donors, and supports communities. Our aim is to save lives, celebrate lives, and be a part of the fight for a cancer-free world.

Changing Lanes Foundation (CLF), Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to accomplishing the end of breast cancer. We support people through financial assistance for rent/mortgage and utilities.

To know more about our association, give us a call today at 770-298-2000.

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